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Date: 2012-10-28
Type: Actors Wanted
Production Company: Short Bus Talking Pictures
Email Address:
Compensation: Unpaid

This Listing Requires:
A Profile Photo
A Video

This film is being shot in Indianapolis, Indiana on the west side. We are looking for local actors.
This is a short film and these roles are for credit only. Shooting November 25th. Please submit a
video audition for the role you are interested in. Email with your info
and to receive sides for the audition. All auditions are due before November 15th. When two
buds find themselves in the midst of some rather strange happenings, they spark up and feel


MAX (20-30 Male African-American)
Max – 20’s-30’s. A hip-hop loving aficionado of the green sticky-icky. He
spends his waking moments in a haze, but still manages to function at a higher
level than most. He consistently cracks on Jen, the cute clerk at Higher Ground,
his favorite head shop, without success. Still, his confidence and ego won’t let
him give up.

BENNY (50’s Male)
Benny- Defense attorney – mid to late 50’s, distinguished gentleman always
dressed for the courtroom. Former prosecuting attorney who’s mid life crisis
involved discovering his identity wasn’t in line with his beliefs. Buds with an
unlikely companion, Max.

DENNIS (50’s Male)
Dennis - Old hippie 50’s – 60’s. Lives an organic, karmically aligned life. Kind
and gentle soul, who lives by the motto, One Love. Owner of the head shop,
Higher Ground.

JEN (20’s Female)
Jen- cute and spunky, free spirited, but also strong willed. She is the clerk and
resident enforcer of language compliance at Higher Ground. She is also the
subject of Max’s infatuation.

BLUE COLLAR MAN (30’s-40’s Male)
Blue collar construction worker who might need to ensure his urine is free from
any toxins as a condition of his employment.

STONER (20’s Male)
A stoner who stays baked and likes things out of this world.

Three ditzy co-eds looking fofor some items to make the night’s sorority get
together a gas.

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