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Student Film Casting Call

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DATE: October 30, 2012

TYPE: Actors Wanted

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Intermediate Video Zombies - IU School of Informatics



CASTING CALL DATE: November 6th, 2012


This film will be shot mainly in the Indianapolis area. This short film will be 15 – 20 minutes long. We cannot compensate the actors and actresses, other than being credited in the film. The film shoot will be from November 11th – 30th. As students, we will try our best to match our schedule with the actors and actresses. The short is about a troubled male who finds reality in his dreams.



· Male

· 20 – 25 years old

· Any ethnicity

· Lanky to Medium built

Blair is a mild-mannered senior in college who’s going through depression. In order for him to cope with his inner turmoil, he retreats into his dreams as if they’re his reality.


· Female

· 20 – 25 years old

· Any ethnicity

· Dark Hair

· Petite

Lane has to be a versatile because she will be playing two different personalities, both carefree and headstrong.


DATE: November 6, 2012


· IT School of Informatics

· 535 W. Michigan St. Indianapolis, IN 46202

· Rm. 358

TIME: 4:00 pm



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Date: 2012-10-28
Type: Actors Wanted
Production Company: Short Bus Talking Pictures
Email Address:
Compensation: Unpaid

This Listing Requires:
A Profile Photo
A Video

This film is being shot in Indianapolis, Indiana on the west side. We are looking for local actors.
This is a short film and these roles are for credit only. Shooting November 25th. Please submit a
video audition for the role you are interested in. Email with your info
and to receive sides for the audition. All auditions are due before November 15th. When two
buds find themselves in the midst of some rather strange happenings, they spark up and feel


MAX (20-30 Male African-American)
Max – 20’s-30’s. A hip-hop loving aficionado of the green sticky-icky. He
spends his waking moments in a haze, but still manages to function at a higher
level than most. He consistently cracks on Jen, the cute clerk at Higher Ground,
his favorite head shop, without success. Still, his confidence and ego won’t let
him give up.

BENNY (50’s Male)
Benny- Defense attorney – mid to late 50’s, distinguished gentleman always
dressed for the courtroom. Former prosecuting attorney who’s mid life crisis
involved discovering his identity wasn’t in line with his beliefs. Buds with an
unlikely companion, Max.

DENNIS (50’s Male)
Dennis - Old hippie 50’s – 60’s. Lives an organic, karmically aligned life. Kind
and gentle soul, who lives by the motto, One Love. Owner of the head shop,
Higher Ground.

JEN (20’s Female)
Jen- cute and spunky, free spirited, but also strong willed. She is the clerk and
resident enforcer of language compliance at Higher Ground. She is also the
subject of Max’s infatuation.

BLUE COLLAR MAN (30’s-40’s Male)
Blue collar construction worker who might need to ensure his urine is free from
any toxins as a condition of his employment.

STONER (20’s Male)
A stoner who stays baked and likes things out of this world.

Three ditzy co-eds looking fofor some items to make the night’s sorority get
together a gas.

Last Updated on Monday, 29 October 2012 22:14

"Rebound Girl" is crewing

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"Rebound Girl", a raunchy-yet-romantic comedy ala "Bridesmaids", is looking for crew. It is an non-union/deferred payment movie that will shoot in the Indianapolis area in December and January.

Please submit the crew for here:


Local Filmmaker’s movie True to the Heart makes its theatrical debut in Indianapolis

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Fishers, IN (September 14, 2012) True to the Heart, an independent romantic comedy, will have its theatrical premiere in Indianapolis on October 5th. The film was produced and co-­‐written by Fishers resident, Byron Stankus. The movie also includes original music by Indianapolis musician Danny Thompson from Bigger than Elvis and was supported by Executive Producers Clark Crosser of Noblesville and Derrick Bye from Carmel.

True to the Heart begins when a cocky rock guitarist/singer, Drew Taylor is reviewed by sharp witted music critic, Kaitlyn Rose. After trashing his performance in her latest review, Drew’s career is left in shambles. Months later, Drew’s manager hires an “Image Consultant” to try to revive his reputation. The new hire turns out to be Kaitlyn  whose career climbing has brought her to the public relations business. The two spirited individuals are now forced to work together despite their animosity towards each other.

Although it is a small movie with an approximate budget of fifty thousand dollars, the film has already had success.

“We knew we couldn’t afford big name actors,” said the film’s co-­‐writer and producer Byron Stankus. “But we wanted to make the best film we could with the resources we had. And to make a movie that audiences would enjoy.”

True to the Heart garnered four awards at the Long Island International Film Expo (L.I.I.F.E.) in July 2011, including Best First Feature, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. It was also the only movie to sell out at the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City last November.

The film’s co-­‐writer and director Mitchell Kase, who was also nominated for a Best Director award at L.I.I.F.E., comments that “This film is coming out at a time when people are looking for positive experiences, experiences that will make them laugh and feel good.” He adds, “It’s always very rewarding when you can put a smile on someone’s face.”

The movie focuses heavily on music and employed a number of different collaborators. Danny Thompson wrote original pieces for the movie (in collaboration with the film’s writers) and also leant one of his previously written songs. Alex Jules, who is based out of New York City, was brought on to compose the film’s score. And Stankus’ two half brothers  Gregor and Lucas Patsch  were also employed by the production to write and perform songs for the film.

“It’s was cool to have so many people contribute so positively to a film and make something great.” Stankus said. “That’s what movie making is all about, the collaborative process. I love it.”

Traditionally, a film is premiered in L.A. or New York, but in this case, because of its connections to Indy, it is being premiered here. The following week it will be showing in New York and New Jersey. True to the Heart opens at the IMAX at the Indiana State Museum, beginning Friday, October 5th.

Last Updated on Thursday, 27 September 2012 10:51

Haunted House Film Screamer Premieres in Jeffersonville, Indiana

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Locally produced film Screamer follows two Indiana haunt builders trying to make it in the business of haunted attractions.
The documentary, which follows Matt Kemp and Phil Granger over a period of 4 years, recently won an award at the Las Vegas
Film Festival and will premiere at the Sheraton Riverside Hotel in Jeffersonville, IN on October 13th.  The film premiere
will follow a haunted house exhibit show.

Film Festival of Hendricks County accepting submissions for short films

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DANVILLE, IN (July 11, 2012) – Independent filmmakers have until July 15 to submit short films for the second annual Film Festival of Hendricks County at a reduced cost.

After a successful first year, the Film Festival of Hendricks County will be bigger and better with a new location, the historic Royal Theater on the Hendricks County Courthouse Square in Danville, as it expands from a one-day event to three days, Oct. 5-7.

The Film Festival of Hendricks County seeks to present the art of cinematographic storytelling through the emerging film talent of independent filmmakers while bringing diverse and creative independent films and filmmakers to Hendricks County, said Loren Malloy, director of the Danville Public Library who is coordinating the event.

“We’re very excited about having the 2012 festival at the Royal Theater,” Malloy said. “Our partners from the Hendricks Civic Theater will be presenting free live performances on Saturday evening to heighten the atmosphere and make the trip to Danville worthwhile, even for those not interested in attending the screenings.”

All movies must be under 40 minutes and a cash award will be given in each category. Seventeen independent film makers from across the U.S. and even outside the country participated last year providing an eclectic mix of short films.

The cost to enter a film is $40 through July 15. Entries received after July 15 cost $45 with a final deadline of Aug. 1.

A fifth category, Student Films, will be limited to high school students from Hendricks County. Applicants in that category will not have to pay an entry fee, and won’t be eligible for cash prizes.

For those who wish to attend the Film Festival and view the screenings, admission will be $7 per showing. The lengths and number of showings will vary, depending on the number of official entries.

For more information, go online to or call (317) 745-2604. This release was sent on behalf of The Film Festival of Hendricks County by the Hendricks County Tourism Commission d/b/a the Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau, which attracts visitors to the county by promoting and developing tourism. Find us on Facebook by searching Hendricks County Convention and Visitors Bureau and become a fan for updates and reminders, contest info and much more. You can also follow us on Twitter @FastTracktoFun or get updates by following or subscribing to our tourism blog at For more information, visit our website at or call (317) 718-8750.


Looking for Lead for new short film titled RAJ

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Looking for Lead for new short film titled RAJ.

Raj : (age 25-40) an East Indian or Middle Eastern Male to play the main lead.

Raj is an Indian immigrant who has come to US to make things better for his son back at home. A Good Man makes a Bad Decision in this dramatic, heart-wrenching suspense film directed by newcomer Navi Mann.

Now accepting online video submissions through Nov. 30, 2012.

For more information contact:

Submit headshots & resumes to:



New Hobbit Film Spoof Muddles Middle-Earth

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SOUTH BEND, INDIANA – Richardson Productions, the award-winning fan
filmmakers behind parodies The Dork of the Rings and Harvey Putter and
the Ridiculous Premise, are producing a new feature-length spoof of
The Hobbit trilogy entitled The Throbbit, which begins filming in

Filmmakers Tim Richardson and Michael Kouroubetes made a splash in the
international world of Lord of the Rings fans in 2006 with their campy
and pun-stuffed version of the epic trilogy. In their film, a young
Throbbit named Frudo Buggins must take the One Ring of Endless Credit
to Bank Boom to shut down the ever-encroaching Dork-mart store empire.
The cast appeared in costume at many Rings conventions where they
screened the film and took part in panels. The film has been shown at
over 20 conventions and festivals, including RingCon in Germany.

Rings and Hobbit scale and stunt double Kiran Shah became quick
friends with the gang and did an introduction on the spoof’s 2-disc
DVD. He then starred as a Smurf-like character in their follow-up
film, a Harry Potter send-up called Harvey Putter, which became a huge
favorite of Potter fans and screened at dozens of conventions and film
festivals. Dork and Harvey were both highlighted on
and won “Best of Show” awards on their website.

The Throbbit, which is still in development, revolves around Bobo
Buggins, a neurotic Throbbit who joins a throng of Dweebs (computer
nerd versions of Dwarves) to help them regain their technological
treasures trapped beneath Silicon Mountain. On a journey led by
Randolf the Wizard, they will encounter Three Stooges-esque trolls,
drunken frat boy elves in Jerkwood Forest, a game show contest with
the creature Scrottum, and even more ridiculous obstacles.

As he did for marketing promotions for Dork, self-proclaimed genius
and director Jack Peterson will be producing a series of videos
leading up to the film’s release. Jackson, who has ingratiated himself
to celebrities such as Elijah Wood and Justin Long, has made his
official announcement about the new film on the film’s new YouTube
page at

Anyone interested in contributing their acting or production talents
to this amazing fan-made film project may contact the filmmakers via
their official website at

About Richardson Productions LLC:

For nearly two decades, owner Tim Richardson has produced over 50
films, including the Civil War drama Kill The Messenger with
international distribution through Echelon Studios. The Dork of the
Rings and Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise have screened at
scores of film venues. Both films have non-exclusive distribution
through Midwest Tape Inc., Alliance Games Distributors, and


Indianapolis 48 Hour Film Project Screenings

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The Toby

Teams of Indianapolis filmmakers present approximately 40 short films produced in 48 hours, as part of an international film competition. Vote for the audience favorite at the event. Films will be shown in three sets, at 5 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm; check the 48 Hour Film Project website to see the list of films in each set. Full food and drink menu available for sale all evening in Nourish Café. Presented by Big Car.


Indiana Filmmakers Network Greenwood July 17th Meeting

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The Indiana Filmmakers Network Greenwood July 17th Meeting will be held at the Denny's in Greenwood at 1253 S. Park Blvd.

Topic will be a general discussion of projects people have coming up either for production or in development.

Join us at 7pm on July 17th.


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