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Indianapolis native Adam Bailey directs independent feature film

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. June 21, 2012 – Showing emotion or “springing” means a certain death–at least for Joshua Barrett and the people of Cheery Point. From Indianapolis native and writer/director Adam Bailey comes a sci-fi dystopian film about the human condition and the nature of pain called Cheery Point.

Bailey’s love of filmmaking began while he was attending Lutheran High School of Indianapolis. He began making videos for YouTube using video game characters recorded onto the computer and editing them together. Eventually he made a series out of it. Bailey decided to attend Ball State University to pursue a career in filmmaking. He first got involved with Cheery Point when he was asked by executive producer and Louisville native Kenneth Stevenson to help write the script.

“Kenny (Stevenson) approached me with an idea, and I really latched onto the concept and story of the film,” said Bailey. “He could see that I loved and understood the themes that were involved in it and asked me to direct the project. I’m glad he did, because it’s been the most rewarding time of my life. I’m extremely grateful to have been a part of the experience and honored to be the director.”

Stevenson and Bailey co-wrote Cheery Point with friends James Monroe Treakle and Allison Flood. They have witnessed their ideas come to life over the course of the last year.

"Adam and I are very blessed to have been given the opportunity to bring such an amazing and diverse cast and crew together for the sake of filmmaking,” said Stevenson. “Taking calculated risks, networking and many sleepless nights are quickly paying off to create a film we are truly excited about. We hope that this will be a game changing film for many people's careers and will surprise viewers with its uncompromising attention to detail despite its shoestring budget."

Tentatively set to release in August, the cast and crew of Cheery Point have been hard at work for the last five months filming in central Indiana, northern Kentucky and the greater Chicago area. The crew wrapped up its final week of filming recently in Lawrenceburg, Ky.

The film Features rising independent film stars Tommy Martin (Billi and Theodore) and Amy Hunt (The Club). Stevenson hopes to premiere the film in a local Louisville theatre, however no location has been decided on yet. It will also be entered into several independent film festivals.

The plot of Cheery Point is how citizens of the United States were convinced by their government in the late 1960s to conform to a new welfare program. It stipulated that the newly created drug "Torpase" was essential for everyday living. Torpase eliminates all psychological and physical pain by delivery of an insulin-like pump on the abdomen, and as a result people simply exist without the need or knowledge of art, religion or emotional empathy toward each other in any regard.

Joshua Barrett (Tommy Martin) lives in this dystopian society in the year 2017. Citizens of Cheery Point are punished by death for feeling emotion, referred to as “springing.” Joshua goes about his daily routine as a photographer for Brotzky’s Media until Albert, the last priest of the Roman Catholic Church, captures him. Albert enlightens Joshua to the point of emotional awareness and a fuller understanding of the world around him. This film grapples with the timeless questions: what is life worth? Is it worth living at all?

The Cheery Point crew is now in the final phase of the movie-making experience: post-production. Frequent updates will be posted on the Cheery Point website as well as its Facebook and Twitter accounts until the film is complete.

The cast and crew of Cheery Point also invite everyone to participate in their filmmaking adventure. Additional funding is needed in order to enter Cheery Point into many different film festivals upon its completion. To participate in this campaign or for more information about the film please visit


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