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Award Winning Zom Com BEVERLY LANE Now Available To Rent For Only $1.99!!

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Critically acclaimed & award winning zom com Beverly Lane is now available for rental at for only $1.99! The film will also be re-released on DVD for only $7.99! Beverly Lane is ready to repopulate your computer screen & DVD collection with zombies, fate circles & a hilarious ensemble cast!

Beverly Lane follows a local metal company as they celebrate the retirement of their longtime boss with a "Coney Island" themed party. Bored & angry, the workers find themselves stuck with clowns, a magician, a mime, and one very sick barbershop singer. Then all hell breaks loose...literally!

Stuck between zombies and a sideshow, the workers must learn to survive with each other or die trying.

Rent the film here:

Beverly Lane is available at for only $7.99 plus shipping & handling! Bonus Features on the DVD include deleted bits, outtakes, trailers & a commentary track featuring Joshua Hull (Writer, Director), Jim Dougherty (DP, Editor & Producer), Matt Rich (Producer, "the Mime") & Noah East ("Andy").

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