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Casting Call for Independent Short Film “When the Angels Come”

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Production Title:  When the Angels Come
Union/Non-Union:  Non-Union
Production Type:  Independent/Student
Project Length:  Short Film (5-10 minutes)
Project Format:  16:9 HD
Project Location:  Kokomo, Indiana
Production Company:  Lights Film School Student Project/ DarkSide Productions
Director:  Bryan Jolliffe
Producer:  Bryan Jolliffe
Casting Director:  Bryan Jolliffe / Winston Howard
Audition Location:
Shooting Location:  Kokomo
Compensation:  No

Auditions:  March 10, 2012 12:00 – 4:00 pm (All auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs:  by March 24 2012
Shooting Starts:  April of 2012 shooting dates will be scheduled at a later date.
Shooting Ends:  by the end of April 2012

When the Angels Come, is a story about 3 people from different walks of life at the end of their ropes.  They are each individually “contacted”  to meet at specific location in order to find what they have been searching for.

Character Bios:
Homeless Man (30-40) *Has already been cast*
Very dirty looking long haired man
Obviously has been homeless for awhile
Works for every dime he can get
Sometimes plays guitar on the street corner for money
Always looking for that glimmer of hope, makes you feel like he was someone important before this life
Not the type to give up on life even though it seems life has given up on him
He calls anywhere with the slightest amount of shelter his home.

Business Man (30-45)
Very well dressed business man
Lives a fast paced life, no time to stop and enjoy the simple things
Seems as if his life is pulling him in all directions except to happiness
Out of touch with reality since his life is all business
Kind of annoyed with other people and their simple lives, yet envious at the same  time.

Suicidal Man (25-40)
Has given up on life, obviously
On too many drugs to count, each adding to further the depression
Scrawny build, looks like he has been awake for days, typical junkie
Has lost job after job, No Family, No lasting, quality relationships in his life
Often wakes up with no memory of how he got there or where he is at.
Angel(s) (m&f  18+)
Dressed in all white, heavenly figure
Brings sense of calmness and peace to all around
Feels as he is all around you
Brings his own light to the room or environment


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